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Learn how to play the drinking card game Asshole!CardGameHeaven

The suite of the card does not matter in this game. If you lay down two 9's then they would have to lay down two of something equal or greater.

  • If the jokers are distinguishable, it may be agreed that the coloured or otherwise more impressive joker beats the other one.
  • Start Up Rules All cards in the deck minus jokers are dealt out clockwise, one at a time, starting with the Asshole loser of the last game.
  • Also passing does not prevent you from playing the next time your turn comes round.
  • Your position each round yields to an initial pre-game advantage or disadvantage , and positions are won by getting rid of your cards the fastest.
  • Winners are the pair with the most points.

DESCRIPTION: President Contents Introduction The Basic Game Variations in playing procedure General variations in what cards can be played when Variations in the cards used and their ranking Variations involving particular cards Variations involving suits and colours Variations in the social structure and scoring Other WWW Sites Commercial Versions Introduction President has many alternative names: The jokers, jacks and twos have special powers:.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The play continues as many times around the table as necessary until someone makes a play which everyone else passes. Players can also play a card on top of another card which is called burning cards. For example, the opening player might lay down a pair of fives, which means that the next player must have a pair of sixes or higher. Forgetting to offer the cards to be cut, or any kind of misdeal is a fault. The President then leads the play. In some variants, the president may choose to allow a black market, in which any player can trade with any other player. When one player runs out of cards, they are out of play for the rest of the round, but the other players can continue to play to figure out the titles.

President (card game)

The next in command is also given this power, but cannot ask the President to drink. Some players may have one more than others. The first player to run out of cards is Assholle the President.

A version of President can be played online at CardzMania. Warnings In most regions, the legal drinking age is

The loser plays first in the next hand. For example if someone played the 7 you could beat this by playing the 7 or the 7 or any 8 or higher card, but you could not play the 7 , because clubs are lower than diamonds. For example, in this variation: This is a slightly more complex game, but very, very fun when mastered.

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  • A three can be beaten by a two unbeatable or a four fours are transparent in this version. Probably single-round play is a Western modification, influenced by trick-taking games.
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  • Sofia, from Toronto, reports a version in which the rank of the cards from the top is:
  • For example, a game with a secretary and clerk might call for the scum to hand over three cards to the president, the vice-scum to hand over two cards to the vice-president and the clerk to hand over one card to the secretary.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Players can also play a card on top of another card which is called burning cards. It is also possible to play more cards than the previous player, as long as they are also higher in rank than the previous play. Larger sets beat smaller sets irrespective of rank Another variation found occasionally is that a set of more cards beats a set of fewer cards irrespective of rank, so that a single 9 can be beaten by a pair of fives, which in turn could be beaten by three fours.

Another version

This page is maintained by John McLeod john pagat. After the first round has determined player rank, subsequent hands are opened by the president. The next in command is also given this power, but cannot ask the President to drink. A does not get a chance to beat E 's pair of 9's. For example, in this variation:

So the play example given above would look like this:. An error occurred while adding you to the mailing list. Expose a card to assign hands After the deal but before the players pick up their cards, the top card of each hand is turned up. The order of cards from lowest to highest is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, with 2 and 3 being special cards. Positions are deciphered based on the order that players were able to play all their cards. The Basic Game Objective The aim is to get rid of all your cards as soon as possible. If you've already played a round and players have positions, the card exchanges would take place before the first turn.


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