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The "Merit Badge Library" listing on the inside back cover, which lists all merit badge pamphlets with their most recent publication dates does not list any new pamphlet dates since the edition.

  • Discuss the findings with your merit badge counselor.
  • Find With your parent's permission, use the internet to find a blog, podcast, website, or an article on the use or conservation of energy. If a sick or an injured person must be moved, tell how you would determine the best method.
  • Not all may exist in your state.

DESCRIPTION: The note regarding Varsity Scouts was deleted and footnotes 4 , 5 , and 6 , were renumbered as 6 , 7 , and 8 , and footnote 8 was revised. How the illegal sale and use of drugs lead to other crimes. Theater Changes were made to requirements 1, 3, and 5, requirement 6 was deleted, and a footnote to requirement 1 was added. Changes were made to requirement 6b.

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Help instruct Cub Scouts on fishing skills or fishery management as part of a Cub Scout meeting or outing. Discuss this chart with your counselor. Count the number of violations or number of drivers not wearing a seat belt. In most cases, all specimens should be returned When you decide keeping your specimen is no longer possible or desired, be sure to find another appropriate home for it or return it to the wild at the location of capture after the requirement has been met. While a Star Scout, serve actively in your troop for six months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility or carry out a unit leader-assigned leadership project to help the troop:

Briefly describe each one, and tell how it applies to your everyday life. Light the stove, unless Unless prohibited by local fire restrictions, light the stove. Help instruct Cub Scouts on fishing skills or fishery management as part of a Cub Scout meeting or outing. Tell what health or medical recommendations the doctor made and report what you have done in response to the recommendations. Mobils a current environmental problem as an example.

Do either A or B of the following:

Keep track of your activities. Successfully complete one or more of the following projects: Cast, rehearse, and stage it. Determine if smoke detectors are required in all dwellings within your municipality.

  • The wording of this requirement, as it appears in the edition of the Inventing merit badge pamphlet is as follows:. Lift, carry, launch and land an inflatable raft, with help, on calm or slow moving water.
  • General Information
  • He may earn these awards until his 18th birthday.
  • Second Class On August 1, , a new footnote 3 was added to requirements 5b and 5c.

Requirements 3 and 8d were revised, and two footnotes for requirement 3 were added. Changes were made to requirements 5, 6b, and 6c. Alternative Alternate Requirements for the Second Class rank are available for Scouts with physical or mental disabilities if they meet the criteria listed in the Boy Scout Requirements book.

The changes are as follows: Take pictures of or draw three kinds of erosion-control practices. Changes to Rank Requirements Scout Although there were no changes to the text of the requirements, the introductory note was revised, the note regarding Varsity Scouts was deleted, and a note regarding Alternative requirements was added. Demonstrate how to select and properly fit a helmet. Tell the dangers in the use of a tourniquet and the conditions under which its use is justified. Click here to see the test procedures presented in the merit badge pamphlet.

Changes were made to requirement 2a. Model in clay a life-sized human head. Forward stroke Backstroke Draw For stern paddling only: In conjunction with the end of the Varsity Scout program, all references to the Varsity Scouting program have been deleted from the requirements for these awards.


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