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A bolt, a pass, a game, whatever.

  • He is close enough that I notice the faint stubble along his strong chin and the glints of gold in his brown hair. Some of the guys bought Gray a group of strippers.
  • Here we have two people who are moving forward in their lives but not necessarily enjoying what they have cause they have a big whole to fill.
  • We still for a moment, centered on the feel of him pulsing inside of me. There were some deeper issues dealt with that made it seem more realistic.
  • For the lost time Having been chubby for most of my adolescence has left me sensitive.
  • Then his thumb runs over my knuckles.

DESCRIPTION: Sep 14, Lisa Jayne rated it it was amazing Shelves: She doesn't believe that someone like Drew can ever care for her.

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Sarah it's already a series, and a really good one! The Hook Up is new-adult, and if that's not your cuppa, I'd say pass. I loved the relationship he shared with his teammates. And though it sounds like an awesome thing, it gets tiring. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I can feel his stare, covetous and hot.

The Hook Up has 35, ratings and 2, reviews. Mo said: daisy up your ass stars., Christy said: stars The Hook Up is one of those bo 4/5(K). Home > The Hook Up (Game On #1)(20) The Hook Up (Game On #1)(20) Author: Kristen Callihan. It’s almost amusing the way she appears so confused and nonplussed. The Paperback of the The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more! Specialists - Summer Reading ;/5(68).

Never before has so much importance and heat been put into a single first kiss. I want him to see me.

His gaze darts over my face, going from my lips and back to meet my eyes. Hell, I fumbled that one. So, they made this deal Anna Jones is a dedicated college student and 4.

  • The Hook Up (Game On #1)(30)
  • The woman is capable of bringing me to my knees.
  • See a Problem?
  • But what he really craves is sexy yet prickly Anna Jones.

No one is more surprised than me. I swear I could practically hear an alarm blaring, a call to activate shields and arm the photon torpedoes. With a helping of right-the-fuck-now on the side. Which August New Release would you like to read in October? That is an awesome little treat. I loved the exchange of ideas and the notion that professors were actually interested in what I was thinking.

But it was the second half of the book which impressed me. Ignored during her high school years, she still carries baggage with her despite developing from ugly duckling to almost swan. His forearm is carved oak beneath my fingers, his skin smooth and rapidly warming. People snap out of their morning fog, turn, stare, and start whispering among themselves. Takes a lot for a heroine to annoy me but, hey, she was young, 22, give her a break. My questing thumb finds his nipple, and he stops breathing altogether. A connection so strong that they couldn't stay away.

Callihan has plans for more books. I was no longer that weird loner who everyone assumed was smoking up before class. From stalking her like some creeper as she heads to the food court at the Student Union? I stop and look him in the eye.

I ignore the flush of surprise washing over me and cross my arms in front of me. And Anna is not exactly as calm and quiet as she seems, apparently, because she immediately gives Drew a piece of her mind for the ridiculous nickname. Unfortunately, their willingness to embrace that happiness differs from the very beginning—while Drew sees what his life would be with someone like Anna in it and wishes to capture it forever, Anna remains emotionally distant, her growing need and feelings for him overwhelming her and making her want to run in the other direction. I didn't exactly like her for most of the book, but that changed once she didn't give up on Drew when he started making huge mistakes because of the stinky mood he was in. Tonight was obviously an ill-advised hook up for her.


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