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White Guy Blinking Is the Best New GIF

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  • If you look over the guy's left shoulder right side of screen you can see the camera angle and perspective slightly change from the left side of the screen the area that this guy hasn't crossed yet this loops the gif.
  • No, it's not a perfect loop. Hope this helped a bit in understanding the devilry that is 2D compositing.
  • I can't believe that people keep animals chained up Me: MFW the gif loops perfectly.
  • Awkward 15 reasons group dates are the worst. What does [ OC ] mean?

Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Or just pay attention to the movement of the background mainly the tree on either side of him as he's falling. The fool goin across was edited it and behind him starts the loop of the background guys. Do not post spoilers for current shows or movies.

DESCRIPTION: Non-reactions and analogies will be removed. Look to the upper left hand corner and you see the 'drop' caused by the edit to make the loop. Looks awesome, but not quite perfect; when the guy cuts across the screen he takes the actual background with him, but stellar editing job nonetheless.

Spoonman73: i have had my labia rings tied and stretched and i love it so much.

Fowlkesbrian: Loved the girl with pierced nipples. The part where she makes out with his shit covered face is my favorite.

James Black: would gladly go down on her

Sara Sabz: damn.I cummed twice.WOW.what movie is this?

Trusty Snakes: meu pau ta duro!

Brian W: My God, Caroline Pierce (the slave is a pure bitch!

Paul Mares: that horney of slut needs to shave that bush

Ajeta Katoch: me next big guy

Oh, the black guy Those videos were pretty funny! Reliable Hosts Use these imgur blogspot picasa gifbase gifsoup sbnation gifbin googleusercontent VidGif Sta. Look to the upper left hand corner and you see the 'drop' caused by the edit to make the loop. One side moves, the other doesn't. That is why he deleted his videos, and he hopes his fan base sticks around. Not the original source I'm sure, but here you go:

This white dude blinking is the most applicable GIF of 2017

Yeah, you can see the trees in the top left distort as he passes; it reminds me of seeing something in a mirror. Also, time for some new friends, yes? What are you doing for spring break?

The fool goin across was edited it and behind him starts the loop of the background guys. This is the original. Still a really well done wipe, though. Then what's the name of the one with the blinking white guy?

If you were wondering what would follow Roll Safe—a.k.a. “smart black guy”—as the next big mainstream meme, here’s one likely answer: It’s this white guy blinking. Giant Bomb His name is Drew Scanlon, and the GIF comes from a show on video game news site Giant Bomb. Drew is reacting to someone doing a little “farming, with my hoe. Hello, fellow meme lovers and welcome back. For the latest edition of ‘Memes That’ll Change Your Life,’ we present to you — a GIF of a white guy know this sounds way more lame than, say, Evil Kermit the Frog, or Salt Bae, but trust us when we say it’s just as hilarious. The meme’d man’s name is Drew Scanlon and the clip was . Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Black Guy GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY.

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  • This GIF of a guy blinking in surprise is the reaction meme taking Twitter by storm right now.
  • One side moves, the other doesn't.
  • Find the good stuff
  • That's what I don't understand.

Those videos were pretty funny! Use spoiler tags when discussing any recent shows or movies. Also when he moves across the screen look at his left shoulder our right and you see a bit of hair pop up briefly.

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Not so perfect if you look at top right corner you can see difference in background trees to the left corner , but still impressive. I know every meme. Here is the first known instance of this meme: You got mcdonalds money?


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