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Diaper Position -- Spank with Love

Stephen, your situation sounds unique since it works so well for you, and I hope you never lose that bond with your mom!

  • After a few more moments, I felt my hand moving of its own accord, stroking my shaft up and down, up and down.
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  • Parents tell us we will be getting Mr. I knew everyone in the room had a prime view of my bright red bottom.
  • They also picked out any games, toys, etc.
  • She told my mother that Deanna, her daughter had not wet her pants in over a month now and that she had been dry every morning for over three months. That decision is one that your mother will make.

My mother found out and they became my primary baby-sitters, often bringing their girlfriends with them. The schools did not help either, as they also treated me very babyish. Have you tried this? Speaking of the hairbrush, Stephen is 14 now. Will she keep you in the diaper position for the hairbrush on these serious offence occasions, unless it is to be one of those extra hard memorable punishments over her knee?

DESCRIPTION: The flow of blood increases to the head and upper body and the skin tightens over the buttocks, both of which increase sensation. My sisters picked out all the clothes my mother bought me.

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Since then we are no longer together, and the woman I am with now is the one punished. A feeling that you are too old at fourteen, but you have said that you are not embarrassed by the exposure. There is no dignity in hopping from foot to foot while trying to rub a red heiney while your genitals are bouncing around after a good spanking. When I climb up onto the table, I honestly do feel kinda exposed and embarrassed, but I get over it when mom's hand hits my bottom! A diaper spanking is pretty much the only position allowing the spanker and spankee to be face to face, allowing eye contact during the spanking. Sorry for going into so much detail, but this is the important difference between this position and other diaper position. I have asked her to please spank me in the diaper position, only happened 1 time! They have some of the hottest and sexiest spanking models starring in their films.

Bare Bottom Spanking

I am probably going to be spanked every day for the rest of my life and I am grateful to have a good man who loves me enough to go to the trouble to do this for me. Randy [ Edit View ].

He likes it too, because with some experimenting we have discovered that even used full force, it is safe to use. Yesterday, me and Daddy were at a restaurant.

Does she part her legs herself, or does someone have to hold her for you? My answer is no, because Stephen has told us that he is not embarrassed for you to see him naked. She turned and left, but was back in just a moment with a huge, heavy spoon that almost could have served as a bread paddle. She will have in mind a certain number of whacks that she wants to give you.

  • Spanked in the Restaurant
  • My mother then said that she had made a mistake by not having my sisters to continue to spank me that way.
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Have you ever become erect during a spanking? Lately, I've been wondering if he might be getting too old for the diaper position, despite his protests that it's for the best. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only. Is there a problem therefore?

My question is was there a "catch all" beginning punishment for all acts prior to beginning DD? My mother was working longer hours, plus she was now dating and did not stay home much. It is hard to act cool, or "high and mighty" after you have been made to strip nude or almost nude and have been bawling like a baby in front of sibings or cousins. What do you think yourself? Would you agree that it is best to get over your qualms and keep applying that hairbrush hard to your son's little bare bottom as often as he needs it? A spanking keeps me in line, and it keeps most women in line although the mainstream is afraid to face it or admit it. I think that we would enjoy hearing the rest of the story, the enema and suppository part. Or that she spanks you in some other position but you think the diaper position would be better for you.

I think it was from fear of my dad hitting me and just became a habit. Then he would have on of them hold my legs, by my ankles, in position and the other one spank me with either her hand, a belt, or a switch. My son means the world to me, and I would do anything to protect him. My sisters picked out all the clothes my mother bought me.


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