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They would not have, of course, and what happened was I gave the one who jumped on me a smack on the behind, so the evil cop said there you go, that is battery, and I was arrested. I'll be 19 in 2 months!

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  • Heller gently stood the boy up between his knees and for the first time looked at Jamie's red tearful face.
  • He decided that it was time to start turning this 18 year old lad into a very sorry little boy. Due to the evil state of Florida not finding a case it did not want to prosecute to the wall [and I have heard others beside myself say this], my probation was thrown out and I was given a year in prison.

Heller and there was nothing he could do. Truckers deliver at my back entrance. Somehow I was supposed to go out when they called us out, though my name was not called. There's a good reason why the French dubbed chastisement le vice anglais; quite a few Brits do seem to harbour an erotic attachment to the notion of corporal punishment. As the smarting, stinging, pain grew Jamie's legs began kicking more frantically.

DESCRIPTION: He wanted to be here, wanted to be sitting or even laying on this mans lap; forever. Blogger shares a snap of the ideal amount of each food group that you should eat Heller pulled the crying boy back to the spanking chair and forcibly pulled Jamie over his knees.

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Jamie was on another planet. Jamie, who was in a dreamy state jumped at the stern voice and looked behind him. I stood up, my pants still around my ankles, just stood there, watching, my penis sticking out, I am sure caused by my warming buttocks, coupled with his warm hug of me during, not to mention seeing this guy get his own bare bottom spanked. He gripped his little dick through the velveteen shorts; he loved the feel of the material and was very hard. Heller couldn't see the boys face, he only saw the short trousered little bottom and the kicking, struggling legs.


And a number of the magazine's small ads offered, for example: Here was a boy, and though almost 19 years old looked no more than 11, looked like a little boy in need of a good sound spanking. Jamie squealed and kicked his little legs; the four smacks landed hard.

Guys in nigeria lagos state shud check me up on joshgabriel95 yahoo. Reader Comments cool pics can i be linked to him. This was getting harder though. Wow, he thought, this dude must be loaded.

He felt himself regressing as Giles began to dress him. I'll be 19 in 2 months!

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Heller finally stopped and standing Jamie up walked the crying boy to a corner of his bedroom. Another ten and Jamie began to feel his bottom get uncomfortably hot and he began to squirm harder. A friendship that I thought irreparably damaged I restored Spurned girlfriend gatecrashes her boyfriend's wedding to As he lifted his hand he could see the two perfect handprints blossoming in vivid red on Jamie's thighs. Heller said as he raised his left knee higher.

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Heller with his hand still on the back of the right thigh. Posted by Bruce at He was facing my direction, had his other arm around the side of this guy, had him bent over, got his shirt up a bit, his pants, and I noticed his own boxers down to his calves or so. Heller loved the way little Jamie said, oh daddy, daddy.

Just look at that bottom! Standing Jamie between his legs he looked at the boys flushed faced which was beginning to colour.


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